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Abstract Submission

December 1, 2021:   Submission deadline

January 15, 2022:   Notification of acceptance

Abstract submission has closed but poster abstracts are still being accepted.

For late abstract submission, please contact Elizabeth Guthrie Nichols at

The abstract preparation guide is below.

Guide for Completing Conference Abstract Submission

Please use this form to prepare your abstract for submission. 


Type your title here: My abstract submission for the conference which should be less than 20 words and use this size font and capitalization.


Abstract content: Please provide a 300 word abstract without symbols please.


Presenting Author Last Name

Presenting Author First Name

Presenting Author email address
Presenting Author Organization
Presenting Author Website


Other authors: Please list other authors by last name, first initial; last name, first initial; last name, first initial; etc… using this format 


Choose type of presentation: Poster or platform or no preference or Grand Challenge (2 min, 1 slide) flashtalk.


Choose session: There will be a choice of all sessions.


Are you submitting another abstract?  Yes or No  (form will note that one can only present 1 platform and 1 flash talk; multiple posters are welcome)


Please complete the rest of the google form to register for conference meals, tours, dietary needs, guest attendance, transportation needs, and confirmation of COVID protocol requirements and adherence for NC State University facilities.

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